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Let’s talk about expectations in Marriage


Expectations are important because they determine whether we are happy or upset based on what we feel we deserve. It is important to consider what you expect from your spouse because everything you do affects your relationship.

Let’s be honest, it is difficult to talk about expectations. Sometimes we expect our spouse to read our mind and other times we fear rejection. Sometimes we are not even aware of what we expect.

What do we do about expectations?

1. Learn what you expect.

2. Think through and talk through (don’t scream) your expectations. If they are reasonable

3. Share your expectations with your spouse.

4. Be willing to meet each other’s most important and reasonable expectations.

Feeling disappointed is an indicator that YOU had some expectations. That is when you ask yourself – “What was I expecting?” Once you figure out those expectations, make time to talk about them.

Make sure your expectations are:


Love ya’ll, don’t forget to work for your marriage!

Author: Josue Chavez Reveles

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