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Mission to Indonesia

Youth Ministries International was delighted to serve the nation of Indonesia during the second mission experience of 2017-2018. (The Canopy Project in Paraguay being the first in 2017).

Youth Mission

Mission to Medan Indonesia

Youth Ministries International sent a team of 8 individuals from the states of California, Florida, Tennessee and Virginia spent eight days serving and ministering in local churches and refurbishing the mother church in Medan.

YM was able to bless the country of Indonesia with the following:

  • Purchased a new sound system for the mother church in Medan
  • Purchased new bedding and mosquito netting for the young students of the Bible School
  • Repainted and refurbished the sanctuary of the local church in Medan
  • Purchased exhaust fans and cooling fans for the boys and girls dorms

The team ministered in three of the local churches through song and the preaching of God’s word. We were also able to facilitate a New Year’s party for the children at the Medan orphanage.

All mission trips are planned and carried out by those wanting to bless our membership in other countries. Although, as usual, the blessing seems to be ours! The youth, and the people of Indonesia filled our stomachs with delicious food and our hearts with love only they can give.

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Our Stories

Below are a few testimonies and experiences from the team members of YM Mission Team.

Merilou (Mimi) Matel

VOLUNESIA: that moment you forget you are volunteering to help change lives, because it is changing yours.

Volunesia is exactly what I experienced in my short but sweet time in Indonesia. Every time I close my eyes to worship, I still burst into tears as I recall the sound of how beautiful and authentic thier worship is. Whenever we arrived at a place, a warm welcome always awaits us. As you reach for a handshake, with a soft bow they gently lock hands with yours, raise it up to their foreheads or cheeks and upon release of your hand; they touch their hearts ending their greeting with beaming smiles. Little do they know, with every smile, hug and welcome I encountered with them, they have permanently took residence in my heart. I literally left a piece of my heart in Indonesia.

This mission trip has indeed changed me forever. I definitely came back home blessed, changed, and transformed. God revealed so much to me during this trip. He showed me that His love moves beyond the cultural and language differences. Our hearts understood each other more than the words we spoke with one another. I left with my heart full and at the same time heartbroken that we had to leave. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat and do it all over again.

Aholibama Murillo

J15 Mission was a Spirit changing event. I’ve worshipped in assemblies with different cultures and it is beautiful but it is absolutely different when you’re removed from what you know, what you understand, and on top of that to be completely out of your time zone - and as my brain tried to make sense of it all my being could only make sense of one thing alone: The Holy Spirit in our midst. As I prepared my heart for this trip I tried putting myself in the shoes of the orphans. To some extent I assumed they felt lost and without a home but as I fellowshipped with them and worshipped alongside their tunes I realized they weren’t lost and without a home. The Lord had given them a name, an identity, and an eternal home in Him and Him alone.
I flew to Indonesia to provide helping hands and resources never imagining the deeper understanding of our maker I would find.

Keri Mullens

People always say that mission trips are a great way to make an impact in the world. However, they are not just about us giving of ourselves, but receiving as well. The people of Indonesia blessed me more than they can know. They are so loving! They went of their way to welcome us and serve us, as we served them, reminding me that we are all brothers and sisters in God’s big family.
This trip grew me, not only in my understanding of the world, but in my relationship with God. He is using my constant contact with my new friends to remind me to pray more and to seek him in all that I do. He is also teaching me to trust him no matter what happens. I do not know where my life is going, or how I will get to serve him next. I do not know what He will ask of me, but I am learning to wait and to believe that He has big things for me if I will just trust Him and follow, one step at a time.

Chloe LaCasse

Indonesia was an unforgettable experience. It was my first time traveling to Asia and I was so blessed to see the Lord provide protection and peace as we left home and ventured to a new side of His creation. The people of Indonesia are so kind and welcoming. They are filled with a joy that could inspire many, including myself. It was an honor to watch them worship our Savior and to worship along side a people of such strong faith.

However, Indonesia needs our prayers. Looking out the window of the car into the city of Medan brought tears to my eyes. It’s extremely impoverished and is a shocking reminder of all that we are blessed with here in the States. Though they have little physically, the have faith that could move mountains spiritually. I feel so blessed to have worked with these people and grow connections and relationships with them. It was an honor to serve them and be a part of this Indonesia Mission Trip.

Mayra Hernandez

Indonesia has a special place in my heart. This was my first mission’s trip and never would I have expected that God would take me, a girl form California, all the way to Asia to experience something that can’t be fully put into words. As a worship leader my experience has taught me that we are used to what we are exposed to. I am used to English and Spanish worship because I have been exposed to that my whole life. Going to Indonesia I am not quite sure what my brain was expecting because I was floored when the service was in a language I didn’t understand. My humanity couldn’t get passed the, “ how am I going to be able to worship with them if I cant under stand a thing they are saying..” Man was I in for an unforgettable lesson and there is where I understood how God transcends beyond anything! Worship wasn’t about the lyrics or what they played what mattered was that the Holy Spirit was so very present. I couldn’t do anything else but cry at just how amazing God is. While the language barrier was there, in worship there was no such thing as a barrier. Indonesia has a very special place in my heart.

Omar Gonzalez

This was my first official mission trip ever, and to have the blessed opportunity to go to Asia became an unforgettable experience. It was a group of eight amazing individuals from California, Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee. This mission trip was one to love, serve, and connect with our brothers and sisters of COGOP in Medan, Indonesia; with only to arrive being so loved by them all. It became a time where we loved and served each other. We sang, prayed, cried, celebrated New Years, created music, ate together, and were in a ton of pictures together. Though we spoke different languages, we praised and prayed to the same God. Seeing this gave me a beautiful insight to what heaven will be like.

With the fundraising and donations from several churches and the team, we were able to bless their orphanage center and bible school facility with clothes, financial support, a new sound system with microphones and stands, new fans, new beds, new paint, and school supplies. Thank you to all of our churches, friends, and families that helped make this trip possible for us to go and invest in the kingdom building that’s being done in the COGOP churches of Medan, Indonesia. They are a people that love God with all their hearts and they are thirsty for Him. Its evident that God is raising up young leaders not just in the US but all over the world. I can only praise God that I had the opportunity to see a glimpse of that and be a part of it for a couple of days. This will definitely not be the last mission trip for me. “Send me, Lord.”

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