love the Lord God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.
luke 10:27

Youth Ministries International of the Church of God of Prophecy desires to raise leaders that bring youth of the world into relationship with its creator.  Spiritually, socially and individually, YM is passionate about bringing people to Jesus and serving and loving others!

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About YM

Youth Ministries International exist to help fulfill your purpose, (To be in relationship with God) and to empower you and others to do His will.

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Youth ministry gives you the opportunity to be trained and developed in different ministries of service: missions, CCMN, athletics. Get ready!

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We would love to hear from you.

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Youth bringing others into relationship with God.

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We were all created for one ultimate purpose. That is to be in relationship with our Creator. YM desires to help leaders and youth discover why they are here.


The last command of Jesus to His followers was ``to go into all the world`` and share the news of hope of a relationship with God. Youth today must fulfill God's will in the earth. YM desires to help leaders and youth to discover why they matter.


Life is relationship. Eternal life is relationship with God, the Creator of mankind and the world. He is calling us to share His son, Jesus, with humanity!

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